What a long 18 years it has been.


After 18 years of resistance by the government, $30 million dollars taken annually from woman and as a consequence, serve hardship, Scott Morrison has finally delivered overdue relief for millions of Australian women.

“Scrapping the tampon tax will make sanitary products more affordable – but just as importantly, it will be an important step forward in gender equality” says Labor’s health spokeswoman Catherine King.

However, as a consequence to us as a result of abolishing the tampon tax, it has been made known that the Coalition prepares to legislate a $7.2 billion top up that will dwarf any GST lost from the sanitary items….oh Australia.



What is Scott Morrison’s agenda?

In the eyes of the Australian community, Scott Morrison has painted himself as a champion of women by removing the tampon tax. Although this is a MASSIVE step forward for women’s equality, some may question Mr Morrison’s agenda. By removing this GST on tampons and other sanitary items, Scott Morrison has removed one of his many obstacles for re-election next year. 

Challenges that need to be overcome now are poverty of women and the gender pay gap. To really address the problem of Equality…PERIOD! we need to address and abolish the 14.6% pay gap that is current in Australia. 

Some of these scary statistics include: 

“Women who retired in 2016 had an average super balance of $157,000 while men had $271,000*” 

“Currently around 40 per cent of single women find themselves living in poverty**”

Show your support for the women of Australia and help us combat this issue! It is time to Face the Facts! #equalityperiod



* http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-27/it-is-time-for-superannuation-to-be-fairer-to-women/9087556

** https://www.smh.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/closing-the-wage-gap-won-t-close-the-super-gap-20180830-p500pd.html

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A removal of frustration and angst.

The removal of the tampon tax is a step towards equality in Australia! Scott Morrison’s decision to remove tampon tax and move women’s sanitary items to the essential health items exempt from GST is a decision that has come 18 years too late. Although it is 18 years late, at least we can say it has been removed! 

Scott Morrison said that the tax on tampons was “a source of frustration and angst.”* The removal of the tampon tax begs the question around what is next for women’s equality? This 10% tax may help provide some relief for women in Australia but what else can we do to help Australian women? 

Equality…Period is a blog that aimed to educate and tackle the issue of the tampon tax in Australia. The 18 years of rallying and educating the public has finally led to the removal of this gender selective tax! Stay tuned for what else is to come in our journey to tackling equality in Australia. 



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An Ode to Greg Jericho

In a recent article in The Guardian, Australian journalist Greg Jericho discussed the importance of the GST removal on female sanitary products, specifically saying:

“Why not leave the GST on and use the $30m to give free tampons to low-income women?”

Upon reading this, I was pretty shocked. It’s a very male-centric view of the situation, arguing that the GST is already shrinking and this won’t make a difference in the long run, conveniently forgetting all of the male product that have been exempted from the GST’s implementation.

To say that women should only be covering the cost of female hygiene products of other women is a preposterous idea, as it seems to imply that men themselves should be excused from supporting their female counterparts.

You would think that in the 21st century most men would be fighting alongside women for equality, but thankfully Jericho, always the contrarian, just cannot believe that women have done this, while he enjoys his GST-free condoms, razors and viagra in peace.

Good one, Greg.



Tampon Tax Slated to be Axed

Who thought that we would finally see this day? After nearly 20 years of unfair treatment of GST for female hygiene products, Australian treasurers have unanimously decided to abolish the 10% levy on female sanitary products.

The decision means that the levy will be officially removed in January 2019, a big step for Australian’s everywhere. It would be easy to stipulate that this means our campaign is over. However, Australia is but one country among a mass of others that continue to mistreat women in unfair goods and service taxes. As long as there are still being women oppressed in this manner, Equality Period will continue fighting for equality everywhere.

'Tampon tax' set to be axed by January

While this is an awesome decision from the Australian government, and we commend those who have fought tooth and nail for these equal rights, it is still somewhat shocking that it has taken this long for such a decision to be overturned. Regardless, Australia is moving in the right direction, and should be acting as a role model for other countries.

But as long as women are still being exploited, we will keep fighting.



The tax is scrapped!

What a day for Australia! The tampon tax is set to be scrapped, with all the states and territories agreeing to remove the GST from sanitary products. 

Treasurers met this morning to discuss the Gender Selective Tax and have unanimously agreed to pass the Federal Government’s proposal. This move with save Australian women over $30 million a year but will not make much difference to the State, so why has it taken this long to be removed? 

“The Coalition argues the shortfall will be easily covered because they are already receiving more GST revenue than forecast.”* This quote highlights the need for equality…PERIOD! Join us on our extended mission to fight for women’s equality in Australia. What will we fight for next?


* https://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/greek/en/article/2018/10/03/tampon-tax-go-states-and-territories-agreeing-remove-gst-sanitary-products

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Abolish the burden draining our income

X-tremely unfair treatment

Everybody deserves equality rights


Tell the government your thoughts – speak up

Help woman axe this burden we currently live with

Equality is a human right


The time has come, let’s make a change

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